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Arbitrations & Appraisal Clause Inspections

When policyholders and insurance companies can not agree to a settlement related to the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property, it can be quite frustrating, especially for the policyholder, who often feels he has no choice but to settle for the amount offered by the insurance company. The insurance companies do not always notify policyholders of their right to participate in various forums to resolve property damage insurance claim disagreements; like the appraisal clause, which is becoming a more common and viable alternative to and is less costly than the preparation and fees associated with obtaining a judgment in a court of law. Consequently, many policyholders never realize that they have a right to dispute an insurance settlement amount, nor do they understand how to properly initiate a property insurance claim dispute. One way for policyholders to dispute an insurance company’s offer, is to invoke the appraisal clause within the insurance policy. Our Master technicians, appraisers and other experts can act as your representative during all Arbitrations or during all phases of the Appraisal Clause Process.  Our seasoned experts provide professional evaluations and reports with high quality digital images and any other documentation needed, including but not limited to book values, market research, local quotes, salvage bids, laboratory reports, vehicle searches, fluid and oil analysis reports, etc.  Call us to discuss your options before you settle your insurance claim with an insurance company.