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Mechanical Failure Inspections

Mechanical Failure Breakdown Inspections

Our mechanical experts can perform various types of mechanical inspections throughout the United States. Our experts will visually inspect and photograph all damages related to the claim and render an expert opinion as to the cause of the damage along with the extent of the problem. Our inspectors can support their findings and conclusions with high quality photographs, digital images, fluid and material analysis reports along with various types of evidence or documentation as needed. We can obtain fluid samples and collect evidence or related documentation as needed. We can transport, forward or store any necessary evidence, negatives, documentation, etc., in our state of the art secure evidence facility.

Defect and Mechanical Failure Inspections

We can inspect a wide variety of products, including but not limited to: tires, generators, drive train components, motors, engines, batteries, bicycles, steering systems, brake systems, SRS system components including ABS units and seat belts, electrically powered and controlled components, etc. and determine if any manufacturing flaws, defects or problems were present.  Our forensic experts can analyze a variety of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or structural failures or damages and determine if the damages were the result of manufacturing flaws, incorrect equipment application, overloading, impact, abuse, neglect, inadequate maintenance, substandard previous workmanship, etc.  We provide detailed reports with high-quality digital images and our experts perform each inspection like they are preparing for trial, paying close attention to detail.  Our qualified professional can provide expert witness testimony and documentation where needed and we handle each assignment like we are preparing for litigation.

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