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Repair Facility Disputes

Disputes related to problems with a repair facility’s failure to complete repairs properly or correct the problem(s) the vehicle was brought in for are our specialty. We can verify of the repairs listed on the repair order, estimate or appraisal have been performed and note any efficiencies or evidence the repairs were NOT performed professionally, with the type of parts advertised or if the repairs were even performed. If the repairs need to be Re-inspected, our experts will meet with the repair facility to go over the repair order, estimate or appraisal line by line to be sure all of the parts and labor operations listed on any of the documents have been was performed and if they were completed to industry standards. If any work is found to be deficient, our experts can assist in the subrogation process to help you receive the services intend ended on the repair order, estimate or appraisal until your vehicle has been restored to its pre-loss condition.