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Sudden, uncontrolled Acceleration Inspections

Our experts check all Acceleration System Components for operation, flaws, problems, etc. along with any other factors that could have caused either a temporary or permanent unexplained acceleration. For inspections where a temporary or permanent Loss of Control was reported, our experts check the brakes, steering, suspension, tires, and all of the components and conditions present that could have adversely affected the handling of the subject vehicle for damages, flaws, failures, obstructions or irregularities that might have caused either a sudden temporary or permanent uncontrolled acceleration or adversely affected the vehicle’s handling. Our experts factor in environmental conditions at the time of the incident and can conduct interviews as well.  Our inspectors can verify the cause and extent of the problem and will perform all necessary tests, measurements or procedures needed to verify what the problem is and identify whether the flaw was related to a manufacturing defect, material part failure, wear and tear or a variety of other cause.