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Diminished Value Inspections

A diminished value inspection will identify, evaluate or calculate the inherent, and/or insurance related Diminished Value of the vehicle as it is related to collision damage. We perform a detailed inspection of the vehicle, a review of insurance and repair facility estimates to determine if its market value has been diminished as a result of substandard, noticeable previous repairs or deficiencies related to previous body or frame repairs and/or refinishing.  If any deficiencies are verified, we provide you with an estimate for the repairs necessary to return your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.  Additionally, in some states the laws provide for a diminished value for properly repaired vehicles.  That’s right, even if your vehicle is properly repaired to industry standards and returned to the manufacturer’s specification and tolerances, in some cases where severe frame or other types of severe damages were sustained, the value of your vehicle could be diminished substantially due to the disclosure laws.  The laws change periodically and vary from state to state regarding Diminished Value Claims.  Our experts continually keep abreast of the laws regarding diminished values of vehicles and can act as your representative in establishing what, if any amount your vehicle’s value may have been diminished as a result of its current condition or history.