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Pre-Purchase Used Auto Inspections

If you are considering the purchase of a used vehicle and want the confidence of knowing exactly what you are buying BEFORE YOU BUY IT, this type of inspection is for you.  Our master inspectors will test drive the vehicle up to 10 miles and make sure all systems and components are tested both cold and after reaching full operating temperatures because some problems tend to manifest themselves only cold or while driving at full operating temperatures. While the inspector is road testing the subject vehicle in both city stop and go traffic and at highway speeds, he will make sure the engine, transmission, steering, suspension and drive train components are all performing the way they should be and were designed to. The inspector will check all of the electronically controlled, powered and monitored systems and components to verify they’re operating they were designed to.  The inspector will perform a visual inspection of all of the components in the passenger compartment including the seats, dash area, carpet, floor mats and interior trim panels, looking for excessive wear, damage, soiling, rips or tears. The inspector will also perform a complete visual inspection of the vehicle’s exterior body panels looking for dents, dings, scratches, chips or rust and the inspector will note whether the gaps between the exterior body panels are even and uniform. The inspector will perform a complete visual inspection and note if there are any signs of previous body repairs or refinishing apparent and will photograph any and all deficiencies, problems or damages present with as many digital images as needed to show clearly what he observed during the inspection. The inspector will also check the condition of the wheels for abrasions, chips or scratches and he will verify the wear remaining on the tires and whether the tires are wearing evenly or show any signs of irregular wear. We will call you on the date the inspection is completed and give you a verbal report if that is desired. The completed written report will be professionally prepared and available for your viewing the next business day along with all of the digital images obtained on our website. Our pre-purchase inspections start at $88 plus mileage.