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Re Inspections 2nd Opinion


Our experts can critique the repairs performed and note any deficiencies. We can verify whether the repairs performed match the repair order and note whether the repairs appeared to be quality repairs and whether they were performed to industry standards. Our commercial accounts can request this type of inspection to verify if all requested repairs have been completed and to document any deficiencies with images and a detailed report.

2nd Opinion Verification Inspections

Our experts will verify if the damages, wear levels, failures, and/or procedures reported were accurately stated and verify if all part replacements and labor operations requested are necessary and related to the subject component failure(s) and/or malfunctions experienced. We can witness specific test procedures and will render an opinion about the test results, including comparing all readings and measurements to the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances. When requested to do so, we can recommend any necessary repairs or course of action after analyzing the test results and inspector’s findings. We can photograph anything necessary to support our findings where needed. Our customers can view the completed inspection reports, images, test results, etc on our website. All of our customers¬†can view, print and/or forward any information related to the inspection on our website.